Runner Gunner

Battle unknown hostile forces on space station LV-426. You must activate the self destruct and escape! Features a kickin’ soundtrack and online highscores. Can you destroy space station LV-426 and live to tell about it?

2 responses to “Runner Gunner

  1. Hey, played game few times over and decided to get as much scores as I could without killing last boss. Tactics was, to stay idle without moving forward with just killing incoming monsters. Well, I was moving forward slowly…I was doing this so long until I got destroyed (time run out?) on the way back and I reached 2nd place in highscores (by wormkill name).
    Maybe you should consider either boss kill or extra time giving lots of scores, that way players with no boss couldn’t be better than those using the same tactics as I did right now.

    It’s just a small tip for future project of yours

  2. I’ll keep that in mind for future games for sure ;) I suppose you could get an even higher score if you used up some time on the way down farming for points, but left enough time to get to the boss.

    Thanks for playing! New games will become available next week!

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